A legend of tsuchinoko is that they like to drink lots of booze. It makes me want to draw tsuchinoko and tsuchinoko people drinking lots of booze.

one of the coolest birds
A painting of an Ossifrage for a gallery show about birds. Also known as bearded vulturs, and lammergeiers, they eat bones and paint themselves red and are one of my favorite birds.

sword wolf flowers of sadness
Watercolor of a wolf with a sword with symbolisim flowers. Kind of based off my comic Tidal Lines, but in a vauge way.

phos always has a bad time i feel bad for them.
Watercolor painting of the character Phosphopylite from the manga 'Land of the Lusterous' with cyclamen flowers which can symbolise 'goodbye' and 'grief' among other things. I really love this manga.

hollyhock is for ambition
Portrait of Tia from my comic Tidal Lines. With hollyhocks and patterened after the Magician tarot card.

fluffy fluffy i like to draw very cute characters sometimes
I really just wanted to draw a cute fluffy character

sawmp with colors, summoning the fauvist style
Abstracted watercolor of white ceader swamp. Painted as a gift for my father's birthday.